Over the summer of 2021, I worked as a Product Design and Mechanical Engineering Intern at Spanner Product Development. Over my time there, I worked on a variety of projects relating to Internet of Things and Silicon Tech products. Working as a consultant allowed me to work on multiple aspects of product design and engineering, some dealing with fluid dynamics, others with user safety in mind. Due to the nature of the consultant work, most of the information here is confidential. Greater details are available in person.
My mentor and coworkers at Spanner were all accomplished mechanical engineers and industrial designers, and the collaborative environment allowed me to draw upon their expertise to learn the fundamentals of a product lifecycle, from the first brainstorm sessions to preparing it to enter the market. I was able to contribute both in companies ranging from less than ten employees to some worth more than 50 billion USD. The variety of the clientele and tasks as well as the fast-paced nature of the firm gave me a crash course in the world of startups, industrial design, manufacturing methods and constraints, and the consultant-client relationship.