For my Senior Design project, I along a team of 5 other seniors at NYU Tandon set out to design a robotic platform capable of solving a marble labyrinth game while avoiding obstacles. I focused on servo motor control as well as computer vision. Utilizing a Raspberry Pi 4, Dynamixel motors, and the OpenCV library, a system was created that could follow any path drawn along the platform with minimal overshoot, meaning that the marble could be guided through user made labyrinths.
We nicknamed the project "Ariadne" after the Greek myth. The computer vision code I wrote could detect the path along the top of the platform, as well as the marble. From that, a series of waypoints were computed, which were then fed as inputs into the state space controller. This is turn would actuate the servos in order to tilt the platform so that the marble goes to the desired position.
This project won the "Best Senior Design" award.